Programs, Lessons & Half Day Camp

Inter-County Outline

  • The inter-county leagues are made up of competitive teams that travel to other clubs to play–Home & Away matches
  • Inter-county division chair decides which geographical area a team competes in. 
  • Players are assigned to courts based on skill level 
  • Regular players are expected to be available for at least 10 matches. 
  • In addition to regular matches teams have weekly practices. 
  • At the end of the season, winning teams get promoted, teams at the bottom of the division get relegated.
  • Club membership required to play on a team.

Ladies Inter-County

  • Matches are played on Wednesday mornings 
  • ​A minimum of 8 women comprise a team
  • 4 courts of doubles are played
  • All matches are best of 3 sets​

Mixed Inter-County

  • Mixed A matches are played on Tuesday nights
  • Mixed C is ​played on Thursday nights.
  • ​12 players (minimum) on a team
  • A fixture is 6 matches comprised of mixed doubles, ladies doubles, men’s doubles​ and an open court - not designated to a specific gender.
  • All matches are best of 3 sets

Junior Inter-County

Boys, Girls and Future Stars League

  • Played on Saturday during May and June
  •  A fixture consists of 6 matches 
  • singles and double matches
  • players may play more than one match

Junior Mixed League 

  • Played on Sunday during May and June
  • A fixture is 5 sets played 

Intermediate House League

  • Level of play 3.0 upward
  • Played on Monday nights
  • ​Players will be placed on teams by the HL director
  • ​Teams will rotate time slots on a weekly basis: 7:00pm - 8:30pm,  8:30pm - 10pm​
  • No matches on holiday Mondays
  • Players must find a Sub if they are not available for a match. Sub contact list will be provided.
  • Club membership required

Cardio Tennis

  • Focus is on improving fitness levels by integrated tennis drills.
  • Thursday mornings 9:30 - 10:30am 
  • Weekly sign up. Contact Karen on our weekly mailer.
  • Fees to be paid to the instructor.
  • Club membership required.


Beginner Adult Group Lessons


  • Certified Instructor 
  • 6 weeks, 1 hr lessons 

  •   Evenings, TBD for 2020
  • Learn the fundamental stroke techniques & game strategies 
  • Cost $110.00 for the session
  • Club membership is required to take lessons at the club.

Junior Group Lessons


Progressive tennis is a method of training using low compression balls, modified court size and nets. These modifications help young tennis players succeed and build confidence at every level.

Red Dot is the lowest compression ball. This age group uses mini nets and half court.  Main focus is on fundamental stroke technique.  

Ages 5-7

Orange balls are 50% less compression than regular tennis balls. Children in this group continue to develop stroke techniques on 3/4 courts.
Ages 7-9

Green balls are 25% less compression than regular tennis balls. Children in this group work on path, angle, speed of the ball while continuing stroke development on full court transition. 
Ages 9-12
Age is just one way to identify what level of tennis is best for your child. Motor skills, athleticism, focus and number of hours of practice may alter where your child is placed. 

  • Lessons are 1hr for 7 weeks
  • ​Day TBD for 2020
  • Cost TBD for 2020
  • Junior Club membership required take lessons at the club.


Private, Semi-private Lessons


Private - 1 on 1 instruction with a certified pro or instructor. You choose what to focus the session on. 

Cost is $50.00/hr. 

Semi Private- you and one other person of your choosing work with the pro to develop your game.

Cost is $60.00/hr. 

Three or Four Players - create your own small group at a mutually convenient time with the Pro.    

Cost $75.00/hr

Membership required to take lessons at the club.

Edward coaches beginners to advance players & high performance juniors.

To book a lesson contact
Edward at: 

Half Day Junior Camp & Adult Development Camp


Half Day Junior Camps

Our camps help develop the young inspiring tennis player. Participants are introduced to the fundamental tennis strokes through drills, games and point play on modified courts.  Instructors focus making the learning process fun, build players confidence, teach good sportsmanship & court etiquette.

No experience necessary for camps. Children will be placed into groups based on age and ability. The more experienced players will  use higher compression balls and further develop their skills and game strategy. 

All children enrolled in the tennis camp are required to come with their own racket, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks, proper attire; shorts/track pants, T-shirt, running shoes, a hat and a light jacket if the weather is cool.  

  • Camp accepts ages 6-12 years 
  • Dates: July 13th - 17th week 3   July 20th -24th, week 4
  • ​Camp runs Monday to Friday from  9:00am -12:00pm, at the Nobleton Club courts.   
  • ​Inside space is provided at the Nobleton Arena  ​for inclement weather.   
  • Certified Instructors
  • no membership required for camp
  • Cost $200.00 per child

Adult Development Camp

Adult camp is intensive tennis training for those who want to work on their game in a short span of time. Instructors run drills to develop fundamental strokes, work on conditioning, footwork and  improving your mental game. 


Your step counter will reach record highs when attending the camp !


  • Camp runs from 9:00am-12:00, Monday -Friday, date TBD for 2020
  • 3 days $200.00
  • 4 days $260.00
  • Full week $300.00
  • No membership required however extra fees will apply to non members 
  • Best suited for those with some tennis experience
  • Certified instructors